Norton Anti-Theft FAQ


What is Norton Anti-Theft?

Norton Anti-Theft is a service that allows you to quickly lock, locate and find your PC laptop, MacBook, Android tablet or Android smartphone in the event that it is lost or stolen.

How does it work?

Your experience is completely on our Web site at To start protecting a device, you log in to the Web site and when you go to add a device, you will be prompted to download an agent onto a PC or an app onto your smartphone or tablet. The agent/app is what we use to communicate with your device so we can find it or tell it to perform commands like lock the device or take pictures with the Web cam.

How does location work?

For PCs, we primarily use Wi-Fi access points to triangulate the location of the device. If your PC does not have Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi is off, or if there aren't enough Wi-Fi access points we recognize in the area, then we cannot give you a Wi-Fi based location. In that instance, we give you a location based on IP address and this will not be as accurate. It should give you a general location near your city but won't be as accurate as Wi-Fi.

For smartphones and tablets, we primarily use Wi-Fi and GPS. If your device is not lost or stolen, we use Wi-Fi to locate the device since it uses less power. If it is lost or stolen, then we use GPS as it is more accurate.

How often do you locate my device?

If your device has not been locked, a location will be reported from your device per the frequency you have set in the location frequency setting for your device on the Web site. Also, each time you log in to the site, your location will refresh. Clicking on Find Device will not refresh the location.

If your device has been locked, then we start locating the device every 5 minutes rather than your previously specified setting.

Do you store every location?

No, we only store the last 10 locations.

Can a thief easily remove your solution?

In speaking with law enforcement officials, they find that most of the time thieves are not savvy enough to disable an anti-theft solution. We took the approach that we felt would help get people back their devices while keeping the highest privacy standards so that our customers can easily remove the solution if needed.

Can I track and lock my device if it does not connect to the Internet?

If your device never connects to the Internet again, then unfortunately, no, you will not be able to track or lock it. The good news is that when you initiate the lock command, even if the device is not reachable at that moment, we make sure your device will receive the command if it does ever connect to the Internet in the future.

Can I put this on all of my devices?

Currently you can use our product on any Windows PC, MacBook, Android tablet or Android smartphone. You can buy licenses that give you the right to install on up to 3, 5 or 10 devices.

Why should I let you track my devices? That's just creepy.

Privacy is of the utmost concern to us. As a security company, it is always in our interest to go the extra mile to protect the consumer. The location information that we log is kept safe and is only visible to you, the user. Instead of housing all locations, we only store the last 10 locations that have been reported as an extra safeguard for privacy.

Couldn't someone use this to track someone else?

That is certainly not an intended use of the product and in no way do we condone this. In fact, we make the probability of that happening lower by making the product visible to the user once it is installed.